User Manual

Flashiibo Key-Fob & Recharge

Important disclaimer

All devices we sell on Amazon have the logo and name PRINTED on them. If that's not the case, it's a fake sold by unauthorized sellers. Those devices may NOT be compatible with Flashiibo and we are NOT responsible for them. Please do NOT put a bad product review on our Amazon listing, double check which seller you bought it from and reach out to them for resolution.


The following items are in the package.

You will find a single button on the device. If you press it, you should see a blinking blue light blue on the same side as the button. The blinking light indicates the device is functional.

Regenerating Tag UID

If you press the button, you will hear a short beeping sound and the light should turn red briefly. That indicates the tag has been "regenerated". In other words, it becomes a new amiibo of the same kind as it has been written previously! So there is no need to go back and forth between making and scanning. You can just scan, hit the button and scan again.

Making amiibos

To use Flashiibo as amiibos, you will need a mobile app to write the amiibo data into it.

Using Android

Using iPhone

Using PC / Mac

Changing modes (special instructions for Splatoon & Super Smash Bros.)

By default Flashiibo is set to automatic mode, which means it will generate a new serial number every scan. However, game like Splatoon and Super Smash Bros require scanning the same amiibo multiple times. To switch Flashiibo to manual mode, follow these instructions.

Using Android

Using iPhone

Using PC / Mac

Replacing the battery (Key-Fob)

Flashiibo uses CR2032 coin batteries. To replace it, you need to open the battery cover. To open the battery cover, follow the following instructions.

Take the old battery out and put in a new CR2032 battery. The plus/positive side of the battery should be facing yourself. Put the battery cover back by turning it clockwise the same way how you opened the cover. Make sure the dot on the cover is aligned with the dots on the back of Flashiibo.

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