User Manual

Flashiibo Pro

What's in the box

The following items are in the package.

Basic controls

The stick on top of the device can be interacted in 4 ways.

Turning on the device

You can turn on the device by simply pressing or shifting the stick at the top. If your device doesn't turn on, please try the following.

If it can't be turned on after all the above steps, please contact for help.

Navigating the system

Tip: when you are at the top of a list, LEFT would bring you to the end.

Making amiibos

To use Flashiibo as amiibos, you will need a mobile app to write the amiibo data into it.

Using Android

Using iPhone

Using PC / Mac

Scanning on the Switch

Activate the amiibo feature in the game of interest, place the back of the device on the Joy-Con's right analog stick, or the center of the Pro Controller. The NFC signal strength is significantly weaker on the screen side.

Special instructions for BotW and TotK

Games like Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom limit one scan per amiibo. Fortunately there is a way around that.

By default, each NTAG215 slot has a stable UID, but you can replace its tag UID. To do that, select one of the NTAG215 slots, then press the top button once, and then select "New Tag UID", a new tag UID will be generated and you can use it again on the same day in BotW and TotK.

What's even better, you may also turn on the option "Auto Tag UID" to put the tags in Auto mode. That way every time you try to scan, a new UID is automatically generated, allowing to claim rewards repeatedly without interacting with the device. Remember do turn this option off, when you need to use it with games like Splatoon and Super Smash Bros. Those games require a stable UID.

Increasing number of slots

There are a total of 100 amiibo/NTAG215 slots out of the box. However you can have more than 100 tags by following either or both of the options below.

Option 1 - New batch of slots

You can create a new batch of slots.

Option 2 - Create files directly

You can create a new files directly from the file explorer.

Firmware update

An unsuccessful update has a chance of bricking your device. It's generally a good idea to avoid it unless there are critical features or fixes in the latest version that you absolutely need. If you decide to do it, proceed with the following steps at your own risk.

Using Android / iPhone

Using PC / Mac

Firmware update on PC / Mac is not supported yet.

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The hardware and firmware of Flashiibo Pro are inspired by solosky's pixljs. We'd like to thank all contributors for this wonderful project.